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Application of ODC Fiber Optic Patch Cord

Views:58     Author:Fiberall Technology (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd     Publish Time: 2017-09-27

ODC fiber optic patch cord is used for FTTA connected directly to the antenna, it includes two types of fiber patch cords. ODC socket optical fiber patch cord is made up of LC optical fiber connector and ODC socket connector. It is an indoor fiber jumper. ODC plug fiber optic patch cord is also composed of LC fiber connector and ODC plug connector, but it is an outdoor fiber patch cord. In practical application, the ODC socket optical fiber jumper is installed in the remote module of the antenna. The LC connector is connected with the SFP optical transceiver in the remote module, and the ODC Socket connector and the ODC plug connector are connected. Then the LC connector on the other side of ODC plug fiber optic patch cord is connected to the module of the base station, so that the antenna and base station are connected to achieve the transmission of optical signal. The connection between the traditional base station and the antenna is connected by high frequency threaded cable and high frequency connector.

The use of FTTA from optical fiber to antenna ODC fiber connection has the following advantages over traditional high frequency threaded cable connections:

(1) Distance advantage: the distance of the traditional high frequency connection cable is within 100meters. Each main base station connects only one antenna. The FTTA can increase the transmission distance (more than 20 Km) with the ODC connection. Each main base station can connect two antennas.

(2) Function advantage: the traditional high frequency connection cable is high power consumption and high transmission loss (up to 10dB). The use of ODC fiber optic patch cord for FTTA greatly reduces power consumption and reduces transmission losses.

(3) Cost advantage: the traditional high frequency connection cable has high cost, heavy weight, and a large number of artificial costs of network installation. The FTTA is light when connected with ODC fiber patch cord, and can greatly reduce the artificial cost of the network.

So it can be said that the birth of ODC fiber patch cord will combine the traditional high frequency connector with the design of the traditional fiber optic jumper effectively, which is a significant structural innovation for the communication system.


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