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Can CSFP and SFP+ Optical Transceiver Compatible with Each Other?

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CSFP and SFP+ fiber transceiver are not compatible with each other. Why?

The SFP+ optical transceiver is a new generation of 10 Gigabit optical module. It is developed according to ANSI T11 protocol and it is able to meet the application of 8.5g fiber channel and 10g Ethernet. Compared with the earlier XFP fiber transceiver, the appearance size of the SFP+ transceiver is reduced by about 30%, which is the same as that of the ordinary 1 to 4G optical transceiver. The SFP+ module only retains the basic electro-optical and electro-optical conversion functions, and reduces the SerDes, CDR, EDC, MAC and other signal control functions in the original XFP design, thus simplifying the design of 10G optical module and reducing the power consumption. With the advantages of high density, low power consumption and lower system construction cost, the SFP+ optical transceiver is widely used in the field of 10 Gigabit Ethernet optical fiber data communication and is the mainstream product of 10 Gigabit optical module.

CSFP (compact small form factor pluggable) is a kind of compact SFP transceiver. Based on the popular SFP package, it develops a more advanced and compact CSFP package. By adopting the design of double channel and four channels, CSFP fiber transceiver adopts the existing general interface of SFP module, but reduces the overall dimension to half and quarter of the existing industrial standards, and can flexibly configure the number of channels through combination. If we continue to use the traditional discrete component scheme, it will be difficult to achieve the above functions in technology. So that’s why CSFP and SFP+ optical transceiver are not able to work with each other. Combined with high integrated optoelectronic integration technology, CSFP transceiver has all the technical advantages of SFP optical transceiver, greatly reduces the overall dimensions of optical transceiver modules and optical system equipment, significantly increases the communication port density and data throughput, and reduces the system cost. It is expected to play an important role in the data communication market.

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