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Common Types Sheath or Jacket Material of Fiber Optical Cable

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Fiberall provide various material options for the jacket or sheath of fiber optic cable. Including PVC, LSZH, Hytrel, TPU, PE and so on. PVC (polyvinyl chloride) is with low cost, good process performance, it is the most wide use, but it contains halogen (chlorine) and it is with low temperature performance and poor ultraviolet resistance; LSZH (low smoke halogen, or LSOH) cost is also competitive in nowadays and the most important is it is with better performance, anti ultraviolet radiation, can be used outdoors, high temperature performance is not ideal and it also used in FTTH drop cable, another ; PA12 (nylon 12) is with higher cost and it is with excellent environmental performance, strength and hardness, generally used in harsh environments; Hytrel (polyester elastomer) is also with higher cost but its performance at low temperature is excellent and it is with high elasticity, generally used in lower temperature environment, Fiberall provide 0.9mm fiber optical cable or fiber optic pigtail with hytrel jacket; TPU (polyurethane) is with higher cost, it is flexible, wear-resistant, oil resistant, mainly used in repeated moving or retractable occasions, such as sheath of tactical optical cable, emergency fiber cable; PE (polyethylene) is the most common sheath material for outdoor optical fiber cable, it has low cost and good process performance and it is widely used in GYTS, GYTA53, GYXTW, Figure 8 outdoor fiber cable and so on. But it is hard and heavy. It also can be used in indoor and outdoor optical fiber cable and outdoor drop cable.

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