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FA-IOC-GJBFJV08, 8 Cores Strengthen Indoor Distribution Fiber Optic Cable with Breakout Sub-Unit

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  • Fiberall
  • SM/MM

FA-IOC-GJBFJV08, 8 Cores Strengthen Indoor Distribution Fiber Optic Cable with Breakout Sub-Unit


Fiberall GJBFJV indoor unit breakout distribution optical cable is with 2 to 48 breakout unit and each breakout cable are with strengthen member, aramid yarn and jacket, so it is with very strong mechanical strength and tensile. And the ripcord is easy for stripping of the cable and also convenient to carding the breakout unit.


Product Characteristics of GJBFJV Indoor Fiber Cable

1, Each sub-cable contains reinforced aramid yarn and central reinforcement elements, with high strength and good flexibility, without ointment, easy for construction and continuity.

2, Sub-cables are tightly sleeved with independent reinforcing elements and sheaths, which can prevent damage caused by environmental and mechanical stresses.

3, Designed with ripcord and adopting SZ stranding technology without tie-up cables, it is easy to strip sheaths and carding sub-cables, saving laying time and cost.

4, The embedded sheath structure can prevent the twisted components from shifting in the sheath, and make the cable core structure more stable and with stronger mechanical strength.

5, Low smoke and low halogen flame retardant PVC sheath, with anti-flammability and self-extinguishing, is suitable for indoor environment such as machine room, cable shaft and wall wiring.

6, Low smoke halogen-free flame-retardant polyolefin sheath, anti-ultraviolet, waterproof and mildew-proof, anti-environmental stress cracking; and no acid gas release, non-corrosive machine room equipment, suitable for indoor and outdoor use or need high flame-retardant grade indoor environment (such as ceiling wiring, open wiring, etc.).

7, The color of the sheath depends on optical fiber type, and its chromatographic is according to TIA/EIA-598-B standard.

8, The outer sheath of optical cable is printed with product information and length.

9, The number of optical fiber cores ranges from 1 to 48 and can be customized as required.



1. For indoor cabling, use as branch cable

2.Use as introducing optical cables into buildings

3. Used as equipment interconnection line, or optical link of optical communication equipment room and optical distribution frame

4. For fiber pigtail and jumpers


Characteristics of GJBFJV Optical Cable:

1. Good mechanical and environmental performance

2. Flame retardant (or non-flame retardant) properties meet the requirements of relevant standards

3. The mechanical and physical properties of sheaths meet the requirements of relevant standards.

4. Soft, flexible, and convenient for continuous, and support large capacity data transmission

5. Satisfy the various requirements of market and users


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