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  • Difference and Application of 10G SFP+DAC and SFP+ Optical Transceiver

    10G SFP+DAC is a copper cable with SFP+ connector at both ends , compared to single 10G optical transceiver, it is with lower cost; the use of 10G SFP+DAC makes the cabling more flexible.

  • Centralized and Cascaded Distribution of Fiber Optic PLC Splitter in Network

    According to the network structure, there are two distribution ways for fiber optic PLC splitters, centralized distribution and cascade distribution. Fiberall is able to provide fiber optic PLC splitter suitable for both applications.

  • Application of ODC Fiber Optic Patch Cord

    ODC fiber optic patch cord is used for FTTA connected directly to the antenna, it includes two types of fiber patch cords. ODC socket optical fiber patch cord is made up of LC optical fiber connector and ODC socket connector. It is an indoor fiber jumper. ODC plug fiber optic patch cord is also comp

  • What’s the difference between ONU and ONT?

    ONU (Optical Network Unit) and ONT (Optical Network Terminal) are terminal equipments. Butthey are different in application level and capacity. For example, the ONU for FTTB which is installed in the corridor is with 16 ports and it can manage 16 ONT for FTTH which will go to the end user’s home dir

  • How to clear and protect fiber plc splitter to get the best performance?

    When using optical fiber splitter, we should pay special attention to the protection of the fiber, and it is necessary to clean the fiber and prevent dust.

  • Two deployment methods of optical fiber splitter: centralized and decentralized

    With the popularity of optical fiber communication networks, the FTTH (fiber to the home) project has been gradually introduced to the outskirts of the city. To deploy the FTTH project to the suburbs, there are two optical splitting infrastructures: centralized optical splitting and decentralization

  • CSFP Fiber Optical Transceiver

    Fiberall CSFP (Compact Small Form-Factor Pluggable) Optical Module is a dual fiber port device, both the two ports are BI-DI, it is designed for high density requirement.This new design will make the optical transceiver and related equipments more compact or increase the capacity of the same equipme

  • Can CSFP and SFP+ Optical Transceiver Compatible with Each Other?

    By adopting the design of double channel and four channels, CSFP fiber transceiver adopts the existing general interface of SFP module, but reduces the overall dimension to half and quarter of the existing industrial standards, and can flexibly configure the number of channels through combination. If we continue to use the traditional discrete component scheme, it will be difficult to achieve the above functions in technology.

  • Compatibility of fiber optical transceiver

    There are many brands of fiber optical transceiver and switch in the market. There is no universal transceiver which can work with all brands switches.In order to protect own rights and interests, some manufacturers add encryption to the switch, router, servers and so on. So that only appointed bran

  • Typical Parameters of Glass Optical Fiber for Fiber Cable and Fiber Optic Patch Cord

    Optical fiber is a necessary and most important part of the fiber optic jumper and optical cable. The characteristics of the optical fiber directly affect the performance of the fiber optic patch cord and fiber cable. The characteristic parameters of optical fiber can be divided into three kinds, namely, geometric parameter, optical characteristic parameter and transmission characteristic parameter.

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