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How to clear and protect fiber plc splitter to get the best performance?

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Fiber optic PLC splitter is one of the most important passive devices in optical fiber links. And it is an optical fiber tandem device with multiple inputs and outputs. It is able to connect local terminals and terminal devices to achieve optical fiber shunting. It plays an important role in FTTH passive optical network. With the continuous development of optical fiber communications, the demand for fiber splitters will also be increased. When using optical fiber splitter, we should pay special attention to the protection of the fiber, and it is necessary to clean the fiber and prevent dust.

Before use, we need to do the following prepared work: prepare anhydrous alcohol, wipe clean paper and standard fiber optic adapter. It is best to prepare a portable light magnifier at least 200 times when the condition is allowed.

During use, disassemble package of the fiber optic splitter and check whether the fiber optic plc splitter is intact and whether there is a dust cover in each channel. Then, select the corresponding fiber patch cord according to the model of the PLC splitter. Clean the end face of the fiber optic jumper before connection. Lay the alcohol wipe paper on the table, at least three layers. When cleaning, pay attention to wipe along the direction of ceramic face in one direction, do not wipe it back and forth, so as to avoid damage to the end surface.

After the cleaning is completed, distinguish the input and output ports of the fiber optic PLC splitter, then remove the dust cover and connect it with fiber optic patch cord. When installing the fiber patch cord, keep the key face of the fiber connector consistent with the notch face of the fiber optic adapter, and insert it along the fiber adapter level, then observe whether the white line on the optical connector is aligned with the fiber optic adapter side line and whether the installation is in place.

Finally, connect the input and output of the PLC splitter to the test system in turn, and check whether the optical index is in conformity with the requirements.

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