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How to judge quality of optical fiber cable?

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To measure a fiber optic cable, we can check the following aspects:

Outer Jacket: Indoor cables generally use polyvinyl chloride or flame retardant polyvinyl chloride as sheath, the surface of the jacket should be smooth, shiny, flexible and easy to strip. Jacket smoothness of poor quality fiber optic cable is not good, and easy to adhere to the tight buffer and aramid;


Optical fiber cable manufacturer always use A grade fiber, some low-quality cable may use C and D class optical fiber or some optical fiber with unknown source, due to complicated sources and long time unused, the fiber may be damp and discoloration, or use multimode fiber mixed with single-mode fiber, and some small factory even do not have test equipment to judge the quality of optical fiber. Naked eye can not distinguish the poor quality fiber, so it may happen quality problem during use, such as bandwidth is narrow, transmission distance is short , uneven thickness, and can not be connected with fiber pigtail, lack of flexibility, broken when is bended and so on.


Reinforcing steel wire: the steel wire must be treated by phosphating, the surface is grey, so the steel wire does not increase hydrogen loss when it is finished, and it is not rusty and with high strength. Poor quality fiber optical cable usually replaced by thin wire or aluminum wire. It is easy to identify the poor quality strength member, the surface is white, and it can be bent freely on the hands. The fiber optic cable produced with such steel wire has a large hydrogen loss, after long time use, both ends of the optical fiber box will rust and break.


Aramid : also known as Kevlar, is a kind of high intensity chemical fiber, a lot of indoor fiber cable use aramid as reinforcement, aramid fiber is with high cost, so poor indoor optical cable always with small diameter so few Kevlar is used and cost is saved. Such fiber optical cables with few aramid are easily broken when they are worn through the tube. Some manufacturers even use glass yarns or other similar fibers instead of using Kevlar.

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